T-Timez is the only true Web-based golf tee sheet available today.  With T-Timez, golfers can use their computers at home or at work to view the actual tee sheet for their home golf course, in real time.  They can reserve a tee time, learn when their friends are playing and who is in their groups.  If a group has space, they can join them with one simple click.  And, T-Timez is there for them 24/7.

T-Timez is totally customizable by the pro shop and provides the features and flexibility that are necessary to keep play flowing smoothly and players and members satisfied.  Options such as teeing intervals, minimum and maximum group sizes, double teeing, lottery options, and more are easily managed by club staff to insure the best possible tee reservation process for both players and staff.  T-Timez will dramatically reduce the telephone burden on shop staff while providing a uniquely exceptional service to players and members.


T-Scheduler is a Web enabled tournament and league scheduling program for tennis clubs, racquetball leagues, and other league or tournament activities. It can be used by the club to allow members and participants to sign up via the Web, allow them to enter results, and view their standings. This can be accomplished without any intervention from club staff.


T-Scheduler is planned for implementation in 2002.


Application Development/E-Commerce

JCAmerica offers professional Web Site development and Web application development to clients in the golf and country club industries. We have a skilled staff of programmers, designers, and database managers who have excellent skills with HTML, Java, ASP, DHTML, Flash, Active-X, Visual Basic, DreamWeaver, Front Page, e-commerce, Access, and SQL. We offer a very quick turnaround time, usually less than five business days for the typical Web design, and less than 10 business days for the average Web database application. Our pricing structure is extremely competitive and the results are always guaranteed to meet the original specifications.

Our objectives are to help our clients achieve the Web presence needed to be successful in today’s competitive golf industry. We offer assistance every step of the way, from conceiving the original idea, to final acceptance, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.



Connect2People is an easy to use Online Memberdirectory which has got a host of features like Targetted searches, Message Boards, Event Calendars, Online Polls, Community pages, Surveys, Printing Features, Targetted emailing capabilities, User groups and controllable privileges plus completely customizable user interfaces. This product is designed to make your job easy as a club administrator/manager.

Please Click Here for a Live demo of the application.

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